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There are no employment opportunities at this time.

Indigenous Advisory Council – Call for Volunteers

The Indigenous Advisory Council will:

  • Serve as an advisory body with respect to Indigenous perspectives on the public policy issues CPHA intends to address through its public policy development and advocacy processes;
  • Ensure that Indigenous perspectives are meaningfully incorporated into proposed new or modified existing positions and policy advice on public health issues;
  • Provide advice concerning the implications of proposed position or policy statements for Indigenous Peoples;
  • Provide advice on CPHA’s policy advocacy strategy, related government relations strategy and policy communications directed to governments and other stakeholders; and
  • Generate and propose issues for consideration by the Board of Directors.

Meetings (generally teleconferences) will be held at least four (4) times each year, or as often as necessary to complete the work of the Council. Meetings will be scheduled for two (2) hours and it is anticipated that two (2) hours of preparation time will be required in advance of each meeting.

If you are interested in applying for this volunteer position, please submit a short (150-word maximum) description of your reason(s) for applying by 12 November 2019. If you have any questions or would like to receive a copy of the Terms of Reference, please contact CPHA’s Communications Department.

Call for reviewers

Innovations in Policy and Practice: Call for Reviewers!

The Innovations in Policy and Practice (IPP) section of the Canadian Journal of Public Health is a showcase for and reflection on innovative public health policy and practice in Canada. It publishes exciting articles that describe the development and implementation of innovative policies and practices in Canada that are intended to improve the health of the population and/or some segment of the population and/or to reduce inequalities in health. If you are a practitioner with a scholarly track record and want to be a reviewer for the IPP section, please contact the CJPH editorial office and attach a copy of your curriculum vitae.


We engage post-secondary students for practicums that are supported by their academic institutions or by other institutions or funders that host students in programs related to their academic studies.

Practicum at the Association become available based on our project and program activities or on-going initiatives, and depend on available resources to support students.

These are undertaken on a volunteer basis and must be mutually beneficial and agreed upon by us, the student and their academic institution.

There are no practicum placement opportunities at this time.

Working Groups

The Association currently has working groups that provide advice to the Executive Director:

  • The Disruptive Technology Working Group helps to research and write a paper regarding the possible effects of technology change on public health.
  • The Diversity Working Group provides strategic advice on strategies to build diversity in all aspects of the Association’s work.
  • The Ecological Determinants of Health Working Group supports the Association in developing policy alternatives on the ecological determinants of health and providing advice on related advocacy efforts.
  • The Health Equity Working Group assists in developing and implementing a health equity impact assessment tool to apply to the Association’s activities, with a particular focus on its policy and advocacy work.
  • The Membership Working Group assists in mapping the way forward and identifying strategies to achieve the strategic goal of having a dynamic and engaged membership.
  • The Tobacco Control Working Group provides strategic advice regarding the Association’s work in the area of tobacco control.

Indigenous Relations Advisory Committee

The Indigenous Relations Advisory Committee provides strategic advice related to how the Association can fulfill its role in addressing the historic and contemporary health inequities faced by Indigenous communities.


CPHA Members-at-large

  • Gabriella Emery
  • Sheri McKinstry
  • Michelle Mousseau Bailey

External Representatives

  • Margo Greenwood, Assembly of First Nations
  • Eduardo Vides, Métis National Council

CPHA Board Members (observers)

  • Richard Musto
  • Nancy Laliberté
  • Benita Cohen