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What’s at stake in supporting sex workers’ right to health

February 16, 2024

Sex work is made more dangerous by a law that must change. But police, health and social-service bodies can do more now for workers’ minority rights.

The thrills and benefits of risky play for children

January 31, 2024

The Canadian Public Health Association notes that learning to confront and manage risk promotes coping skills, self-esteem and self-confidence, and that may well reduce anxiety and depression.


Experts call on Health Minister Duclos to rise to challenge of health-care system transformation

April 24, 2023

A transformation is needed to fix Canada’s health-care system, with a recent multi-billion dollar funding deal struck between Ottawa and the provinces representing only the beginning, according to health-care sector experts.

Show you can lead in public health policy, Ottawa

March 23, 2023

Instead of fixating just on the incredibly costly medical systems that treat us when we’re sick, the federal government can decide right now to invest policy leadership in strengthening the public health systems that keep us healthy.

B.C.’s drug decriminalization experiment starts today. Toronto and other jurisdictions are watching

January 30, 2023

Toronto Public Health says it continues working with Health Canada on a revised version of its initial decriminalization proposal.


It’s time to re-wire the structures of Canada’s public health systems

December 20, 2022

Re-wiring public health systems is not about spending more money in the same old ways. It’s about assessing what public health systems should be doing.

An innovative new way to get your COVID-19 vaccine questions answered

November 9, 2022

MIICOVAC offers reliable, up-to-date, science-based vaccine information to help parents make the right choice for their families.

Vaccine Misinformation and Disinformation — and What You Can Do About It

April 28, 2022

Vaccines are making headlines around the world every day as we continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, along with those headlines comes a slew of vaccine misinformation and disinformation intended to confuse, provoke, and ultimately dissuade the reader from being vaccinated. Even more discouraging, none of this is new or unique to COVID-19.