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Canadian Public Health Association

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Staff Directory

Alexie Arsenault, Conference Officer
Extension 126
Lison Pelletier, Business Development Coordinator
Extension 211
Debbie Buchanan, Editorial Assistant
Extension 110
Greg Penney, Director of Programs
Extension 188
Lucie Marisa Bucci, Senior Manager, Immunize Canada
Extension 151
Christine Pentland, Project Officer
Extension 150
Karen Craven, Assistant Editor
Extension 179
Sarah Pettenuzzo, Conference Manager
Extension 153
Ian Culbert, Executive Director
Extension 142
Leah Salvage, Secretariat Support Officer
Extension 184
Thomas Ferrao, Project Officer
Extension 119
Émilie Sartoretto, Interim Communications Manager
Extension 160
Mélanie Laroche, Finance Officer
Extension 124
Chandni Sondagar, Project Officer
Extension 128
Polly Leonard, Project Officer
Extension 197
Karen Spiess, Office Manager
Extension 137
Rachel MacLean, Senior Project Officer
Extension 167
Phil van Mossel, Manager, Information Systems and Technology
Extension 140
Laurel O’Connor, Information Officer, Immunize Canada
Extension 122
Sarah Vannice, Project Officer
Extension 158
Liana Ocica, Director of Finance
Extension 129
Frank Welsh, Director of Policy
Extension 176

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