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Canadian Public Health Association

Canadian Public Health Week 2023

Canada’s public health associations will once again host “Canadian Public Health Week” from 3-7 April 2023. 

2023 Webinars

Strengthening Public Health Systems in Canada
Wednesday 5 April 2023  |  12:00-13:00 (ET)

During this webinar, participants will find out more about CPHA's advocacy campaign, Strengthening Public Health Systems in Canada. Released in December 2022, the policy brief calls on the federal government to lead provincial and territorial governments and other stakeholders in creating cohesive, comprehensive and accountable public health systems in Canada. The analysis and recommendations in the brief focus on core structural elements of public health: the what, who and how of public health service delivery in Canada. The brief also focusses primarily on steps that must begin at the federal level. Other levels of government and other sectors beyond government must also collaborate in this effort, addressing areas of the public health systems that intersect with their mandates and activities.

Organized by the Canadian Public Health Association


Getting to 5% by 2035: Policy, Practice and Research Ideas from Delegates of the National Conference on Tobacco and Vaping
Thursday 6 April 2023  |  12:00-13:00 (ET)

On February 8 and 9, 2023, over 400 professionals working in tobacco control and vaping gathered to learn, debate and share progress and ideas that could help us reach the goal of 5% tobacco use prevalence by 2035. On the second day of the conference, over 250 delegates attended a workshop where they gathered in small groups to share their ideas on how to ‘get to 5% by 2035’. This webinar aims to inspire those working in the sector, as well as decision makers, by providing an overview of the themes and highlight examples of solutions that delegate came up with to reach the 5 by 2035 goal.  

Hosted by the Ontario Public Health Association


Canadian Public Health Week is a time to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving our health and well-being.

Public Health Matters: “Did you know...” campaign 

As part of Canadian Public Health Week 2023, CPHA and the provincial public health association is planning a social media campaign aimed at increasing the public’s awareness and knowledge of public health services in our communities. We need your help to identify interesting “factlets” about public health that we can use in the campaign. Here’s an example: 

Did you know…
…that only 6% of health system funding goes towards the public health systems that keep you and your family healthy? [CIHI

Share your idea and you’ll automatically get the chance to win a one-year complementary membership in CPHA! 


Celebrate Canadian Public Health Week in your community!

Celebrate and promote public health in your community by hosting your own Canadian Public Health Week event! Promote healthy behavior by bringing your family, friends, co-workers and community members together, virtually or in-person!

Here are program activities you might consider:

  • A news release and media conference on your organization’s role in the network of services in your community
  • Public tours of your facility
  • A fun run, bicycle tour or sports activity
  • Organ Donor Awareness activities such as donor card signing sessions
  • The Mayor officially proclaiming Canadian Public Health Week in your community
  • Information sessions on your organization and its programs at local shopping centres
  • A health-related poster or essay contest in collaboration with local schools
  • A career information day at your facility for school groups to learn about careers in public health
  • An open house or health fair with displays, information sessions and programs, such as diet analysis, breast self-examination, blood pressure screening, back care, etc.
  • Staff appreciation or volunteer appreciation social events
  • Lectures/presentations on your organization and topical health issues at local schools
  • Health quizzes for media personalities on local radio stations
  • Educational or informal sessions presented by your organization on local cable TV

If you are planning an event for CPHW 2023, drop us a line and let us know… we’ll help spread the word!

Helpful Tips

  • Follow COVID precautions (for in-person events): Prioritize the health of your community at your in-person CPHW event by encouraging social distancing, mask wearing, and vaccination.
  • Tap into social media: Share pictures and posts with the hashtag #CPHW before and after the event to promote and share its success!
  • Create partnerships: Partner with a local health-oriented organization to sponsor events.

Canadian Public Health Week 2022 Webinars

Watch our featured series of free webinars focusing on the following topics from Public Health Week 2022 :

A Vision to Transform Canada's Public Health System
During this webinar, Dr. Theresa Tam discussed how we can join forces across communities and sectors to build the public health system that meets the needs of all people in Canada.

Our Planet, Our Health, Our Public Health Responsibility
Trevor Hancock discussed what is involved in keeping humans and the planet healthy through the creation of a Wellbeing society and the implications for the work of public health practitioners and organizations.

The impact of COVID-19 on public health: Comparing experiences & sharing recommendations for the future
OPHA and alPHa discussed the findings of their recent reports on the impact of COVID-19 on public health programs and the health of Ontarians.


Advocacy for income as a social determinant of health: Lessons learned from the Basic Income and Decent Work movements
Recent experience with the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored how those living in poverty are disproportionately impacted by health threats. This webinar reflected on lessons public health can apply when advocating to decrease income inequity as a means to improve health.

Canadian Public Health Week was presented by Canada’s public health associations.