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M.O.V.E (Mind Over Violence Everywhere)

M.O.V.E. is a series of youth-directed workshops that uses art, improvisational theatre, sports, music and group work to deal with themes of violence prevention. Participants develop skills in critical thinking, communication, and peer mediation. Using a variety of engaging techniques, the program stresses rights and responsibilities, assertiveness training, and community relations. The energy, experiences and creative thinking of young people has provided the momentum for this dynamic program. Together, youth and community members are “” to prevent violence.

Eat Safe!

Canada’s food safety system is one of the best in the world. But despite the best efforts of government and industry who produce our food, as well as what we do as consumers to protect the safety of the food we eat at home, there are still 11 to 13 million cases of foodborne illness across the country each year. You can protect your own health by following some simple, practical advice about choosing, storing, and preparing your food.


Caring For You and Your Baby

Caring For You and Your Baby is a practical guide for new mothers with babies from infancy through to toddler age. It provides information that can help keep you and your baby happy and healthy. This guide was developed by public health experts with a focus on raising healthy babies and protecting them from injury and illness. Caring For You and Your Baby is brought to you by CPHA in partnership with Lysol®. Caring For You and Your Baby speaks directly to new moms but there’s a lot of useful information here for your partner and everyone who is helping out during this exciting time. This guid…

Public Consultation on Xenotransplantation

In 2000, CPHA agreed to consult with the Canadian public on the health, ethical, legal, economic and social issues related to xenotransplantation and to report to the Minister of Health on the results of those consultations.

Anti-bullying: Best practices

CPHA's Assessment Toolkit for Bullying, Harassment and Peer Relations at School provides a standard way to measure the nature and prevalence of school peer relationship problems, standards for quality programs, and a common set of tools to assess the impact of school-based programs. From a public health perspective, it provides an overview of what works and what doesn’t, foundations for best practice standards, and outlines the core school components. CPHA’s toolkit includes tips for students, parents, teachers and administrators in the form of a handout and checklist that can be …