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Canadian Public Health Association


Developing and Communicating Local Data

CPHA has compiled the most recent publicly available tools and resources from jurisdictions across Canada. We believe this will aid health and social service providers in service delivery and program development.

What does the evidence say about cannabis?

CPHA has gathered current seminal research, governmental reports, and other evidence-based information concerning a public health approach to cannabis. Here you can find a bibliographic guide to current facets of a public health approach to cannabis in Canada, reports and information concerning the effects of cannabis legalization in non-Canadian contexts, and other reports and documents concerning the health effects of cannabis.

Cannabis-What’s happening across Canada?

CPHA has compiled provincial, regional and local reports, as well as federal documents to increase understanding of cannabis legalization across varying contexts and jurisdictions within Canada.

Cannabis Community Consultations Reports

The community consultations conducted across Canada gathered health, public health and social service providers’ understanding of, and capacity to, address cannabis use through three main themes: 1) harm reduction and health promotion, 2) data and surveillance, and 3) community capacity. These reports are a summary of the consultations conducted and are provided here to show both the commonalities and differences between communities. We hope these reports may be used by their communities to increase local capacity to address cannabis use. New reports will be added when available.


Cannabis Resources for Providers

These resources are intended to assist providers in addressing cannabis use through a public health approach. Here you can find resources developed by CPHA based on community consultations and evidence-based information about cannabis. As we continue to hear from providers across Canada and evidence emerges, more resources and tools will be created, so be sure to bookmark this page!