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Canadian Public Health Association

Public health experts fret over big alcohol's cannabis push

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"Absolutely we're concerned when corporate interests and the profit sector get overly interested in any product that can have negative consequences for the consuming public," said Ian Culbert, executive director of the Canadian Public Health Association. "It's concerning because the motivation is for profit, not preserving peoples' health… These companies have extensive experience marketing these products, not always in the most ethical manner, and they have very deep pockets from their alcohol divisions to be able to pour into campaigns and marketing efforts to promote their specific products," he said. On top of that, Culbert worries about the potential impact of alcohol industry's powerful government lobbyists on the regulation of cannabis in Canada. "During the year when… (cannabis) edibles and consumables are going through regulation, I'm certainly concerned about how much influence they might be able to bring to bear on the federal government."

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