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Canadian Public Health Association

Public Health 2020 Program

28 - 30 April, RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg, MB


Starting a year in advance, the Steering and Scientific Committees oversee the development of the scientific and social program. The Steering Committee develops conference objectives and learning objectives that shape the entire program through a range of session types, including:

  • Plenary Sessions, planned by the Steering Committee, are keynote addresses or panel discussions that take place over the course of the conference on topics that appeal to all delegates;
  • Collaborator Sessions, planned by each collaborating organization, align with the overall conference objectives and each organizational mandate;
  • Workshops and Symposia, chosen by the Scientific Committee based on the open call for submissions and the results of the peer review process, provide delegates with concrete skills and insights on various topics;
  • Program showcase presentations, selected based on the results of the open call process, are 15 minutes in length followed by a panel discussion period at the end of all presentations. They are presented in groups of four based on key words;
  • Oral presentations, selected based on the results of the open call process, are 12 minutes in length followed by a 3-minute discussion period. They are presented in groups of five based on key words; and
  • Poster presentations, selected based on the results of the open call process, are displayed throughout the conference and are the focus of a special poster and networking reception.

Sunday 26 April - Monday 27 APRIL

26 - 27 April  
9:00—17:00 PHPC Annual Symposium
Monday 27 April  
9:00—16:00 CARRFS Presents: The Art and Science of Data Linkage: Applications to Public Health Surveillance across Socio-economic and Environmental Determinants of Health
9:00—16:00 Trauma-informed & Culturally Safe Approaches to Health Promotion

Tuesday 28 APRIL

8:30—10:00 Plenary I
10:00—10:45 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors
10:45—12:15 Concurrent Sessions 1
12:15—14:00 Lunch / CPHA AGM
14:00—15:30 Concurrent Sessions 2
15:30—16:00 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors
16:00—17:30 Concurrent Sessions 3

Wednesday 29 April

8:30—10:30 Plenary II
10:30—11:00 Nutrition Break with Exhibitors
11:00—12:30 Concurrent Sessions 4
12:30—13:30 Networking Lunch
13:30—15:15 Poster Presentations
15:15 - 15:30 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors
15:30—17:00 Concurrent Sessions 5

Thursday 30 April

8:30—10:00 Concurrent Sessions 6
10:00—10:30 Refreshment Break
10:30—12:00 Concurrent Sessions 7
12:00—12:30 Networking Lunch
12:30—14:00 Plenary III