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Canadian Public Health Association

Open Letter to the Premier and Minister of Health of Ontario

2 May 2019

Premier Doug Ford
Ontario Premier’s Office
Legislative Building, Queens Park
Toronto, ON
M7A 1A1

Minister Christine Elliott
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
80 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, ON
M7A 2C4

Dear Premier Ford and Minister Elliott:

We the undersigned 812 public health professionals, researchers, policy-makers, academics, students and trainees write to you today to express our grave concern regarding Ontario’s recent budget announcement that proposed consolidating the province’s 35 public health units into 10 regional agencies by 2021. The reported intention of this decision is the reduction of health-care bureaucracy and overlapping administration duties, which your government projects will result in annual savings of $200 million by 2022.

The evidence indicates your government’s proposal to cut funding for public health services is not the appropriate method for achieving cost savings while maintaining the quality and timeliness of health services for the people of Ontario and attaining your commitment to end ‘hallway health care.’

As you are undoubtedly aware, the average lifespan of Canadians has increased by more than 30 years since the early 1900s, and 25 of those years are attributable to advances in public health. There are numerous public health achievements that led to this remarkable achievement that will be jeopardized by your government’s proposed cutbacks.

Here is a short list of some of the things for which public health is responsible in communities across Ontario every day:

  • control of infectious diseases;
  • cleaner and healthier environments;
  • immunization;
  • motor-vehicle safety;
  • safer and healthier food;
  • family planning and healthier mothers and babies; and
  • safer workplaces.

All of these initiatives are undertaken with relatively small investments and provide every person in Ontario with considerable returns. For example, every $1 invested in:

  • immunizing children with the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine saves $16 in health care costs;
  • car and booster seats saves $40 in avoided medical costs;
  • workplace health and safety programs returns up to $6 in avoided illnesses, injuries and fatalities;
  • introducing cleaner vehicles and fuels to reduce air pollution saves $4 in avoided health problems;
  • fluoridated drinking water results in $38 saved in dental care;
  • tobacco prevention programs saves up to $20 in future health care costs;
  • mental health and addictions saves $7 in health costs and $30 in lost productivity and social costs; and
  • early childhood development and health care saves up to $9 in future spending on health, social and justice services.

Public health activities also reduce pressures on the health care system. We have seen decreased suffering due to illness, reduced costs to the health sector, and the improvement of our society and economy because, relative to many other nations, we have a healthy population.

Your government’s proposed cuts, however, put these cost-effective and cost-saving programs and services in jeopardy. They can be expected to have the unintended negative consequence of increasing the pressure on your province’s acute health care system as people with health conditions that could have been prevented will be presenting themselves in emergency rooms and doctors’ offices throughout the province.

The Canadian Public Health Association and the undersigned call for your government to immediately reverse the previously-announced decision to consolidate public health services into ten regional agencies. We recommend that you engage public health authorities and municipal officials across the province in a meaningful conversation about a collaborative solution to strengthen Ontario’s public health system.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Musto, MD, FRCPC
Chair, Canadian Public Health Association

Natalia Abraham, MD, ON
Alex Abramovich, PhD, Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, ON
Sajida Afridi, MD, MBBS, MPH, MBA, FRCPC, Diplomate of American Board of Preventive Medicine, ON
Huma Ahmad, BSs, MPH, Clinical Research Manager, ON
Michel Alary, MD, PhD, FCAHS, Professor, CHU de Québec - Université Laval, QC
Ayah Ali, ON
Amira Ali, Epidemiologist, ON
Farihah Ali, MA, PhD(C), Research Manager, ON
Barb Anderson, Professor and Director, School of Nutrition and Dietetics, Acadia University, NS
Jennifer Anderson, ON
Angela Andrews, Health Promoter, Health Promotion Ontario/Health Promotion Canada, ON
Emma Apatu, ON
Anya Archer, MPH, ON
Dodie Arnold, MSPH, PhD, Founder, Chief Strategist & Practitioner, Arnold CR, ON
Celina Arone, RN, BScN, BScH, MPH, ON
Melanie Beaudoin, QC
Kevin Behan, Deputy Director, Clean Air Partnership, ON
Lisa Belzak, ON
Monique Beneteau, Health Promoter, Peterborough Public Health, ON
Daniel Bierstone, MD, Paediatrics Resident, Ottawa, ON
Mrs. T. Birznieks, RN, ON
Sarah Blackmore, Masters Counselling Psychology, Registered Clinical Counsellor, BC
Cindy Blackstock, PhD, ON
Rosanne Blanchet, RD, PhD, ON
Julie Bortolotti, ON
Ann Bortolotti, Consultant, ON
Laura Bouchard, MSc, Project Officer, Canadian Public Health Association, ON
Doreen Boville, ON
Deepinder Brar, MD, CCFP(EM), ON
Jessica Brett, ON
Evan Brockest, ON
Patricia Bromby, RN, BScN, MPH, ON
Catherine Brown, MD, CCFP, Resident in Public Health & Preventive Medicine, ON
Edward Bruce, BC
Jennifer Burgess, ON
Colt Burrows, ON
Brittany Cadence, Manager, Communications & IT Services, Peterborough Public Health, ON
Sylvie Cadieux, ON
Jennifer Carroll, Master of Public Health student, ON
Elaine Chan, MPH, AB
James Chauvin, Association pour la santé publique du Québec, QC
Andrea Chittle, MD, ON
Henry Clarke, Councillor, Peterborough city council, ON
Kathryn Cleverley, MD, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Resident, ON
Benita Cohen, BA, BN, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba, MB
W David Colby, MSc, MD, FRCPC, Medical Officer of Health, Chatham-Kent, Professor, Western University, ON
Donald Cole, MD, MSc, FRCP(C), DLSPH, University of Toronto, ON
Hillary Connolly, ON
Elizabeth Cooper, PhD, BC
Katie Copp, ON
Stephen Corber, MD, Public Health Physician (retired), BC
Marisa Creatore, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, ON
Eric Crighton, PhD, Professor, University of Ottawa, ON
Sarah Cullingham, ON
James Cybulski, ON
Gerald Dafoe, BA, MHA, Former CEO, CPHA, 1973-2003, Former President World Federation Public Health Association, VP American PHA, ON
Tracy Daly, ON
Jennifer Darling, BSc, MSc, MD, CCFP/EM, ON
Kerri Davies, Retired Nurse, Vice-Chair Peterborough Public Health, Peterborough Public Health, ON
Marcia Dawes, ON
Nicole De Francesco, MD, CCFP(EM) FCFP- Emergency Physician, ON
Chantal de Laplante, RD, ON
Danica Desjardins, MPH, ON
Michael DeVillaer, Professor, McMaster University, ON
Katie Dilworth, BScN, RN, MHSc CCHN(C), ON
Ihechi Dinneh, ON
Anna Dion, MPH, PhD(C), McGill University, ON
Ryan Dirnback, BScN, RN, MHA, BC
Catherine Donovan, MD, Associate Professor, Public Health, NL
Katherine Dunford, RN, ON
Lorette Dupuis, RN, ON
Rakesh Dutt, Public Health Inspector, Canadian Institute of Public Heath Inspectors, BC
Daniel Dutton, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University, NB
Lesley Dyck, Public Health Consultant, BC
Laurie Edmiston, Executive Director, CATIE, ON
Michael Edmunds, Epidemiologist, ON
Nancy Edwards, RN, PhD, FCAHS, Professor Emerita, University of Ottawa, ON
Keith Egli, Chair of the Ottawa Board of Health, ON
Stephen Eisenhauer, ON
Valerie Eisenhauer, ON
Heather Elliott, RN, ON
Richard Elliott, Executive Director, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, ON
Heather Ellis, RN, ON
Josephine Etowa, PhD RN, Professor and Loyer DaSilva Research Chairin Public Health Nursing, University of Ottawa, ON
Keeley Farrell, BScH, MPH, ON
Deshayne Fell, PhD, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, University of Ottawa and Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, ON
Lindsey Ferguson, RN, MS, Public Health Nurse, Perth District Health Unit, ON
Liane Fransblow, BSc. PT, MPH,Injury Prevention Coordinator, Montreal Children's Hospital, McGill University Health Centre, QC
Lisa Freeman, BSc(H), MD, CCFP, MPH, FRCPC, ON
Marc Frey, PhD, ON
Alycia Fridkin, MHSc, PhD, Urban Health Planner, City of Vancouver, BC
Katherine Frohlich, PhD, Full Professor, Université de Montréal, QC
Daniel Fuller, PhD, Canada Research Chair, NL
Colleen Fuller, MD, Public Health physician and Family doctor, ON/QC
Hui Juan Gao, ON/BC
Laetitia Gaurier, McGill University, QC
Yipeng Ge, BHSc, Medical Student, University of Ottawa, ON
Stephanie Gee, MA, ON
Jasmina Geldman, BC
Laura Gibbs, ON
Catherine Goldie, PhD, RN, Queen's University, ON
Samantha Goodman, PhD, ON
Alida Gorizzan, ON
Sydney Gosselin, ON
Peggy Govers, RN, MScN, ON
Courtney Green, PhD, ON
Harpreet Grewal, ON
Paul Gully, MB, ChB, FRCPC, BC
Natalia Gutierrez, QC
Ak'ingabe Guyon, Dr, Public health and preventive medicine specialist, École de Santé Publique de l'Université de Montréal, QC
Olga Hallborg, RN, MPH(C), Interior Health, BC
Trevor Hancock, MBBS, MHSc, Professor of Public Health and Social Policy, University of Victoria, BC
Kathy Hardill, RNEC, MScN, NP, ON
Paul Hasselback, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Specialist, BC
Monica Hau, MD, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC, Associate Medical Officer of Health, Region of Peel - Public Health, ON
Katie Hayes, ON
Annette Hoyles, ON
Helen Hsu, ON
Ilene Hyman, ON
Immunize Canada Immunize Canada, National - head office Ottawa, Ontario
G Ing, ON
Jessica Jackman, MD, Physician, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Specialist, NS
Suzanne Jackson, PhD, Professor Emerita, University of Toronto, Past Chair, CPHA, ON
Sonya Jakubec, RN, PhD, AB
Lesley James, MPH, DrPH(C), ON
Tyler Janzen, BC
Sonia Jean-Philippe, ON
Anthony Jeffery, MD, ON
Serena Jewer, RN, BScN, Public Health Nurse, Registered Nurse, ON
Amy Johnston, ON
Adam Jordan, BMSc, ON
Linda Juergensen, RN, York University, ON
Nicole Kain, RN, BNSc, MPA, PhD, AB
Lisa Kaldeway, MSc, ON
Heather Kane, RN, Public Health Nurse, Public Health Unit, ON
Simone Kaptein, ON
Laura Kelly, ON
Daniela Kempkens, MD, Physician, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Specialist, NS
Amanda Kerr Lange, ON
Irene Kessie, University of Toronto, ON
Yan Kestens, Associate Professor, Université de Montréal, QC
Joel Kettner, MD, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba, MB
Yoav Keynan, MD, PhD, Physician, MB
Malcolm King, PhD, Professor, University of Saskatchewan, SK
Sara Kirk, PhD, Professor of Health Promotion, Dalhousie University, NS
George T. Kitching, BSc, MSc, MD(C),, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, ON
Stephanie Ko, MPH, ON
Anna Koné, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences - Lakehead University, ON
Sarah Konefal, PhD, ON
Kara Koteles, ON
Janina Krabbe, MPH, Research Manager, UBC, Capacity Research Unit, BC
Mohan Kumar, ON
Chie Kyo, RD, MPH(C), McMaster University, ON
Ronald Labonte, PhD, Professor and Distinguished Research Chair, University of Ottawa, ON
Stephanie Lake, BC
Stéphanie Lanthier-Labonté, QC
Helene Laperriere, Associate professor, University of Ottawa, ON
Melanie Laroche, ON
Erin Laverty, MSc, ON
Karen Lawford, RM, AM, PhD, Assistant Professor, ON
Eric Leclair, ON
Holly LeDrew, President, Newfoundland and Labrador Public Health Association, NL
Shannon Leung, MPH(C), BHSc, McMaster University, ON
Ernest Leung, ON
John Lingertat, MD, ON
Ethan Lipson, ON
Armelle Lorcy, QC
Marie A. Loyer, PhD, University of Ottawa (retired) and creator of the Loyer DaSilva Research Chair in Community and Public Health Nursing, Univerity of Ottawa, ON
Kim MacAulay, RN, ON
Marjorie MacDonald, PhD, Professor Emerita and Scientist, University of Victoria and Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, BC
Judy MacDonald, BSc, MD, MCM, FRCPC, Retired Medical Officer of Health, AB
Kelsey MacIntosh, Queen’s University, ON
Joanne Madsen, BSc, CPHI(C),Public Health Inspector, Ottawa Public Health, ON
Megan Magier, Brock University, ON
Olivia Magwood, MPH, ON
Catherine Mah, MD, FRCPC, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Promoting Healthy Populations, Dalhousie University, NS
Bridget Maloney-Hall, ON
Kirsten Marchand, PhD(C), BC
Richard Massé, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Public Health Physician, McGill University, QC
Jeff Masuda, PhD, Queen's University, ON
Kim Mathieu, BSc, QC/ON
Farah N Mawani, MSc, PhD, CIHR Health System Impact Fellow, St. Michael's Hospital, ON
John Maxwell, Executive Director, ACT, ON
Cindy McClure, Parent Resource Visitor, ON
Erica McDiarmid, MPH, ON
James McGorman, MD, CCFP, EM, AD, ON
Lynn McIntyre, MD, MHSc, FRCPC, AB
Nathalie McKenna, RN, ON
Gerald McKinley, PhD, ON
Lindsay McLaren, University of Calgary, AB
Shelly McNeil, MD, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, Nova Scotia Health Authority, NS
Barbara Mcphee, Parent Resource Visitor, Perth District Health Unit, ON
Harmony McRae, RN, MSc, Health Promotion Facilitator II, Alberta Health Services, AB
Vibhuti Mehra, ON
Pascale Messier, ON
Lisa Metselaar, Western University, ON
Jessie Micholuk, MPH, QC
Angela Milito, ON
Krista Miller, ON
Christina Mills, MD, FRCPC, ON
Karin Moen, ON
Amanda Mongeon, MEd, ON
Tracy Morris, RD, ON
Melody Morton Ninomiya, PhD, Project Scientist, ON
David Mowat, MBChB, MPH, FRCPC, Former Chief Medical Officer of Health, ON
Daniel Murcia Monroy, MPH, ON
Patrick Murray, NL
Ryan Murray, Master of Applied Health Services Research student, University of New Brunswick, PE
Maria Aurora Musto, RN, BSCN, Public Health Nurse/School Nurse/At risk youth, Alberta Health Services, AB
Pemma Muzumdar, MPH, QC
Audra Nagasawa, ON
Christine Navarro, Associate Medical Officer of Health, Toronto Public Health, ON
Sume Ndumbe-Eyoh, Director, Canadian Public Health Association, ON
Cordell Neudorf, MD, Professor, University of Saskatchewan, SK
Shireen Noble, MSPH, ON
Lynn Noseworthy, MD, MHSc, FRCPC, Medical Officer of Health, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge Health Unit, ON
Emily Notman, MD, BSc, CFPC, ON
Magnus Nowell, MSc, Queen's University, ON
Shawn O’Connor, PhD, University of Toronto, ON
L O'Connor, ON
Cassandra Ogunniyi, PhD, ON
Pam Oickle, ON
Colleen O'Mahony-Menton, ON
Fanta Ongoiba, ON
Karen Paik, ON
Barry Pakes, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, ON
Heather Palis, MSc, PhD(C), BC
Kathy Palmer, Employed in diverse capacities in four different communities in BC (and AB in 2006-2007) since 1978, Public Health Nurse Clinician - Immunization, BC
Michelle Pang, MPH, ON
Gilles Paradis, MD, FRCPC, Professor and Chair, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University, QC
Kasthuri Paramalingam, ON
Judy Patterson, CD, MD, MPH, CCFP, FCFP, Northwestern Ontario, ON
Morrigana Pehlke, ON
Rosana Pellizzari Salvaterra, MD, CCFP, MSc, FRCPC, Public Health Specialist, Peterborough Public Health, ON
Sidonie Pénicaud, MD, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, QC
Sarah Pettenuzzo, ON
Ian Pike, BSPE, MSc, PhD, Professor and Director, Dept of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, UBC and BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, BC CHildren's Hospital Research Institute, BC
Angela Pisan, ON
Katrina Plamondon, PhD, MSc, BN, RN, Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia Okanagan, BC
Erin Pollock, AB
Jane Polsky, BSc(H), MSc, PhD, Statistics Canada, ON
Louise Potvin, PhD, Professor, QC
Damian Power, ON
Catherine Praamsma, Peterborough and county Public Health Board, ON
Anum Qureshi, Graduate Student, University of Waterloo, ON
Josalyn Radcliffe, RN, ON
Tamanna Rahman, MPH(C),Health Services Coordinator, University of Waterloo, ON
Kim Raine, PhD, RD, FCAHS, Professor and Associate Dean (Research), School of Public Health, University of Alberta, AB
Daniel Rainham, PhD, Associate Professor, Dalhousie University, NS
Srimal Ranasinghe, BA, MEDes, Sustainable Calgary + University of Calgary + HIVE Developments, AB
Debbie Rawson, MSc, AB
Elizabeth Rea, MD, ON
Caroline Reid-Westoby, PhD, Researcher, McMaster University, ON
Jessica Reimann, ON
Jo-Ann Reitzel, PhD. C. Psych, ON
Lynn Rempel, RN, PhD, Associate Professor, Brock University, ON
Lori Richey, Executive Director, Peterborough Family Health Team, ON
Derek Ritz, PEng, CPHIMS-CA, ON
Philippe Robert, MD, QC
Martha Robinson, CPHI(C) MHA, Program Development Officer, ON
Ardene Robinson Vollman, PhD, RN, CCHN(C),Past Chair, CPHA, University of Calgary, AB
Christina Rogers-Jarrell, ON
Irving Rootman, PhD, LLB, Former Director, Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, BC
Fred Ruf, ON
Cayley Russell, MA, Research Coordinator, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, ON
Shannon Ryan, Executive Director, Ontario AIDS Network, ON
Robert Sanderson, MHSc(C), ON
Pete Sarsfield, MD, FRCP(C), Medical Officer of Health (retired), MB/ON
Meghan Schuler, OCT, ON
Jamie Seabrook, PhD, ON
Vamini Selvanandan, MD, CCFP, MPH, AB
Sue Shikaze, Health Promoter, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit, ON
Rahuldeep Singh, MPH, Research Officer, School of Public Health, NS
V-A Singh, MPH, ON
Maxwell Smith, PhD, Assistant Professor, Western University, ON
Nancy Smith Lea, Director, The Centre for Active Transportation, Clean Air Partnership, ON
Ellen Snyder, MD, CCFP, ON
Ryan Sommers, MD, Physician, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Specialist, NS
Donald Spady, MD, MSc, FRCP(C), AB
Emily Spencer, RD, MScFN, ON
Judy Stanley, RN, ON
Allison Stark, MPH, ON
Malcolm Steinberg, MBBCh, DOH, MSc, Director Public Health Practice, Simon Fraser University, BC
Christine Stich, Dr, Assistant Professor, McGill University, QC
Julie Stinson, ON
Robert Strang, MD, Physician, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Specialist, NS
Sue Street, MSc(OT), BSc(OT), OT(C), OT.Reg.NS, Occupational Therapist, Private Practice Consultant, NS
Amanda Stypulkowski, MPH, ON
Nancy Summers, RN, MSc, Program Manager, Perth District Health Unit, ON
Stephanie Susman, ON
Hoang Tang, RN/MPH(C), ON
Lesley Tarasoff, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Toronto Scarborough, ON
Marie Tarrant, RN, MPH, PhD, Professor, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia, BC
Emily Taylor, University of Toronto, ON
Robin Taylor, ON
Ab Thaivalappil, ON
Sumaiya Thakor, MD, MPH, ON
Edan Thomas, RM, BHSc, Registered Midwife, ON
Melissa Tobin, Graduate Student, NL
Krysta Tomasevic, RN, BsCN, CCHN(C), IBCLC, Perth District Health Unit, ON
Teresa Tratnyek, RN, BScN, Public Health Nurse, Perth District Health Unit, ON
Normand Trempe, Retraité du réseau de santé publique, QC
Shannon Turner, BA, BSc, MSc, PhD(C),Executive Director, Public Health Association of BC, BC
Ruta Valaitis, RN, PhD, Professor, McMaster University, ON
Jenna Valleriani, PhD, Post doctoral fellow, BCCSU, ON
Monali Varia, ON
Elenore Wadsworth, University of Waterloo, ON
Christina Walker, ON
Rania Wasfi, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Universite de Montreal, QC
Gaynor Watson-Creed, MD, Physician, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Specialist, NS
Darshani Weerapura, Foreign Trained Medical Graduate, Project Officer, Ottawa Public Health, ON
Marjan White, RN, ON
Richard A. White, MD, FRCPC, ON
Kathryn Wilson, Councillor Hiawatha First Nation, Board Chair, Peterborough Public Health, ON
Lindsay Wolfson, ON
Lloy Wylie, PhD, Assistant Professor, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, ON
Carol Yates, ON
Chau Chin Yo, BC
Karthika Yogaratnam, MPH, ON
sandy zidner, ON
Austin Zygmunt, MD, CCFP, ON

Signatures added May 3-6

Rachel Ackford, MPH, ON
Rachel Acton, ON
Neha Ahmed, MPH, ON
Joanne Anderson, RN, BN, AB
Kate Armstrong, Owner, Holistic Wellness Centre, ON
Ayesha Asaf, ON
Vrinda Asrani, ON
Laura Ball, MPH, MD(C), ON
Kathy Belton, PhD, Associate Director, Injury Prevention Centre, NS
Sara Bhatti, MPH, Research and Evaluation Analyst, ON
Madeleine Bondy, MPH, ON
Terry Boucher, RN, Municipal councillor, ON
Liliana Bressan, RN, BScN, MPH(C), ON
David Buetti, MSW, PhD(C), Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, ON
Tracey Burnett, RN, BSN, AB
Celine Butler, MSc, ON
Megan Carter Carter, PhD, Research Associate, KFL&A Public Health, ON
Bianca Chauhan, ON
Louisa Comber, AB
Francine Darroch, PhD, Assistant Professor, Carleton University, ON
Lia De Pauw, MHSc, ON
Jessica Deming, MSc, Epidemiologist, ON
Suzanne Fegan, Epidemiologist, KFL&A Public Health, ON
Arlete Fonseca, ON
Kim Friesen, ON
Leanne Garnett, RN, ON
Giovanna Good, ON
Dan Good, ON
Daniel Gorecki, MPH, ON
Courtney Graham, BSc, MSc, PhD(C), ON
Nagma Grewal, BSc, MPH, Research Coordinator, ON
Kiersta Hazlett, RN, Public Health Nurse, ON
Julie Hill, RN, ON
Roksolana Hovdey, BSc, MSc(C), ON
Sonia Kandola, AB
Sahana Kesavarajah, BSc, Nursing Student, ON
Dahlia Khajeei, PhD(C), MPH, BSc, PROSCI certified, ECM certified, University of Waterloo, ON
Alissa Klingbaum, MPH, ON
Anyse Laliberté, MPH, ON
Jing Yi Li, ON
Jamie Lisson, MSc, Research Coordinator, ON
Jacqueline Ma, MPH, ON
Melissa MacLeod, MSc, Epidemiologist, ON
Shreya Mahajan, BHS, MSc(C), ON
Alex-Ane Mathieu, Dr, QC
Daphne Mayer, MPH, ON
Megan Mcquiston, Ab
Julia Mielczarek, MPH, ON
Avery Milne, MPH, BC
Hailey Morton, MSc(C), McMaster University, ON
Emma Nagy, Research Associate, ON
Pratik Nair, MPH, Knowledge Translation & Evaluation Lead,, ON
Moira O’Regan-Hogan, RN, BN, MEd, Public Health Nurse, NL
Caitlyn Paget, MPH, Epidemiologist, ON
Emaleigh Peart, MPH (C), University of Guelph, ON
Drashti Pete, HBSc, MPH(C), McMaster University, ON
Michelle Policarpio, Program Lead, ON
Mishaal Qazi, BSc, MPH(C), McMaster University, ON
Suzanne Quinn, ON
Anuisa Ranjan, MPH, ON
Lucksini Raveendran, ON
Justine Reid, MPH, Health Promoter, ON
Julie Reid, BScN, Retired RN, ON
Pamela Robertson, RN, MPH, ON
Angela Roy, ON
Louis Roy, ON
Kitty Runstedler, ON
Heather Samson, RN, BSc, Research Nurse, Canadian Center for Vaccinology, NS
Zahra Sayyed, MPH, Analyst, ON
James Sessford, PhD, ON
Bindra Shah, MPH(C), McMaster University, ON
Arpreet Singh, MPH, BC
Jillian Takacs, ON
Kerrianne Thompson, RN, BScN, ON
Lavinia Tofan, MPH, ON
Tammy Troute-Wood, RN, MN, Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist, AB
Laura Tue-Fee, ON
Bev Unger, RN, BN, Public Health Manager, MB
Sarah Viehbeck, PhD, Adjunct Professor, University of Waterloo School of Public Health and Health Systems, ON
Gillian Williams, ON

Signatures added May 7

Manny Ahmad, Executive Officer, AB
Sandra Almeida, MHSc, RD, ON
Nicole Andruszkiewicz, Health Promoter, ON
JL Baron, Health Promotion, Dalhousie University, NS
Tadesee Belie, AB
Mike Benusic, MD, MPH, CCFP, Resident Physician, Public Health & Preventive Medicine, ON
Phil Bigelow, PhD, School of Public Health and Health Systems, University of Waterloo, ON
Teresa Birznieks, RN, ON
Mary Boroniec, Public Health, ON
Claire Bowley, MPH, RD, ON
Mary Brache-Holdsworth, MScPH, QC
Jacqueline Brown, MHSc, Research Assistant, Ontario Tech University, ON
Matt Butler, ON
Laura Campbell, MPH, ON
Mayilee Canizares, Researcher, ON
Randi Casey, ON
Amelie Casonato, ON
Lisa Ceroni, MSc, MPH, ON
Renee Charbonneau-Smith, RN, MSc(N), Public Health Nurse, ON
Danielle Charron, BHSc, MLIS, ON
Donna Ciliska, RN, PhD, Professor Emeritus, McMaster University, ON
Joseph Cirone, MSc(C), ON
Amanda Clarke, MHSc, ON
Heather Clemens, RN, ON
Emma Coffin, MPH, Project Coordinator, ON
Chris Connolly, BSc, MPH, ON
Ashley Corallo, ON
Andrea A. Cortinois, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, ON
Stephanie Cran, ON
James C Cran, OCT, RSE, ON
Karen Craven, ON
Julie Cryderman, Health Promoter, ON
Maureen Dagg, ON
Sara Damji, ON
Holly D'Angelo-Scott, ON
Joy Dawkins, RN, ON
Janet Dawson, MSc, Health Promoter, ON
Signe Dewar, MA, ON
Megan Deyman, MPH, ON
Gorgui Diouf, QC
Carolyn Doris, RD, ON
Danielle Dorschner, BScN, MScN, ON
Tim Duivesteyn, BMSc, MPH, ON
Sherri Dutton, MPH, BSc, RDMS, ON
Dana Edge, RN, PhD, ON
Natasha Elms, BScH, MPH, ON
Alexa Ferdinands, PhD(C), RD, School of Public Health, University of Alberta, AB
Leah Flatman, BSc, MSc(C), QC
Rebecca Fortin, Masters in Public Health, Health Promoter, ON
Kalpita Gaitonde, MPH, Health Promotion and Evaluation Specialist, University of Waterloo, ON
Rebecca Ganann, RN, PhD, Assistant Professor, McMaster University, ON
Danielle Gauvin, BSc, MScPH(C), QC
Maureen Gustafson, MPH(C), Student, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, ON
Angela Gysen, ON
Peter Gysen, Transportation Investment Analyst, ON
Ivan H, ON
Nathalie Harris, BScN, ON
Nadha Hassen, MPH, PhD student, ON
Gabrielle Helal, RD, MSc, ON
Anneke Hobson, MPH, RD, ON
Sarah Hodges, RN, BScN, MN, ON
Jennifer Hogan, Administrative Support V, Alberta Health Services, AB
Jia Hu, MD, Alberta Health Services, AB
Shelby Huffman, MPH, Health Data Analyst, ON
Cindy Hunt, Docotorate in Public Health, Senior Research Associate, St. Michael's Hospital, ON
Vanessa Hurley, MHSc, RD, Public Health Nutritionist, ON
Robyn Hurtubise, MHM, ON
Melissa Isada, ON
Aliya Jamal, MB
Jordan Jarvis, Centre for Urban Health Solutions, St. Michael’s Hospital, ON
Eva Jasansky, PHN, ON
Nivethika Jeyakumar, MScPH, Epidemiologist, ON
Neeratha Jeyakumar, BSc, ON
Marie Johnson, ON
Connor Judge, BSc Health Studies, MSc Public Health and Health Systems, Masters Student, ON
Christina Kay, MD, BC
Cathy Kells, ON
Bilal Khan, MPH, ON
Jessica Kivell, ON
Mary Kocher, ON
Krystyna Kongats, MPH, PhD(C), Researcher, ON
Benjamin Kung, MSc, Manager, AB
Paula Lavigne, RN, Public Health Nurse, NWHU, ON
Kimberly Leadbeater, RD, ON
Janina Lebon, Hamilton Health Coalition, ON
Jennifer Levy, PhD, ON
Etta Li, RN, Public Health Nurse, York Region COmmunity and Health Services, ON
Jordynne Lindsay, RN, Public Health Nurse, Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit, ON
Jessica Love, ON
Stephanie Lu, PhD, ON
Susan Macaulay, Dementia Care Advocate, ON
Paige Mackie, BPH MHE (C), Health Promoter, ON
Margaret MacNeill, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Toronto, ON
Elizabeth Manafo, MHSc, RD, Health Researcher, ON
Emily Manthorp, MD, MSc, Public Health and Preventative Medicine resident, QC
Maelle Marchand, HBSc, MPH, Project Manager, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, ON
Rachael Mather, RD, ON
Jessica Matthews, ON
Glenda McArthur, BScN, MHS, Retired Public Health Director, ON
Kathryn McIsaac, PhD, Health outcomes scientist, Nova Scotia Health Authority, NS
Joanne Mercer, RN, Public Health Nurse, Toronto Public Health, ON
J Mercer, ON
Judy Mill, RN, PhD, Professor Emerita, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, AB
Adena Miller, ON
Devan Miller, C.Tech., ON
Julia Miller, BA, ON
Shawna Mitchell, ON
Renee Monteyne, RN, BScN, ON
Heather Nadon, RD, ON
Etienne Nemanishen, RD, ON
Sherry Nesbitt, RN, ON
Ashley Neves, RN, ON
Erin Nolan, BSc, MPH, ON
Pamela Obegu, University of Ottawa, ON
Linda Ogilvie, PhD, Professor Emerita, University of Alberta, AB
Olutosin Oketope, MPH, AB
Brenda O'Neill, Program Assistant for Family Health Division - Reproduction and Child Health at KFL&A Public Health, Kingston., ON
Adel Panahi, Director of Health, SK
Katherine Peahen, ON
Jennifer Philcox, RN, BN, Public Health Nurse, AB
Mary-Anne Pietrusiak, MHSc, Epidemiologist, ON
Avery Prince, MPH, Health Promoter, ON
Drona Rasali, PhD, FACE, BC
Dawn Rault, PhD, Lecturer, Mount Royal University, AB
Dasha Reddy, MPH(C), ON
Mike Richardson, BASc, CPHI(C), Public Health Inspector, ON
Kathryn Robideau, RN, ON
Sarah Sanford, PhD, ON
Antonia Sappong, MD, Family Physician, ON
Amanda Scales, ON
Catherine Schwartz, MSc, RD, Health Promoter/Public Health Nutritionist, Ontario Dietitians in Public Health, ON
Chandrakant Shah, MD, FRCPC, O.ON, Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana Faculty of Public Health, U of T, ON
Rosalie Shorney, Public Health Nurse, ON
Suzanne Sicchia, MHSc, MSc, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, ON
Alice Silva, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Work for Public Health, ON
Shona Smith, ON
Faye Stark, Director NTNUPHA, SK
Julie Stratton, ON
Jill Sturdy, ON
Hollam Sutandar, MD, ON
Donald Sutherland, MD, Mcomm H, MSc, Senior adviser, CSIH, ON
Martin Taylor, PhD, FCAHS, Executive Director, Canadian Research Data Centre Network, ON
Gregory Taylor, Public Health Physician, ON
Stephanie Tea, MPH, ON
Suzanne Thibault, BASc, MHSc, ON
Narhari Timilshina, PhD candidate, University of Toronto, ON
Maria Todor, MD, MPH, CCU, University of Alberta, AB
Jennifer Toews, MPH, ON
Stephanie Toigo, BSc, MScPH, Graduate Student, McGill University, QC
Kiana Torshizi, MPH, ON
Nicole Trajkovski, ON
Ross Upshur, Professor, University of Toronto, ON
Riley Urquhart-Ducharme, MPH, ON
Deanna VandenBroek, MPH, Health Promoter, ON
Roxana Vas, ON
Marlee Vinegar, MPH, ON
Katarina Vukovojac, BHSc, MScPH(C), Student, ON
Rebecca Wickson, RN, ON
Brendan Wiley, BScN Student, ON
Hillary Wilson, Public Health Inspector, ON
Douglas Wilson, MD, FRCPC, Professor Emeritus, School of Public Health, University of Alberta, AB
Marcus Wong, BHSc, MSc(C), ON
Nancy Young, PhD, Director and Research Chair, School of Rural and Northern Health, Laurentian University, ON
Marian Yusuf, MSc, RD, Consultant, Nutrition Promotion, Toronto Public Health, ON
Gray Zaidlin, MPH, ON
Nadya Zukowski, ON

Signatures added May 8

Hajara Abdirahman, BSc, ON
Augustina Asseez, Strategic Planning Specialist, ON
Janak Bajgai, MBBS, MPH, DTM&H, PhD(C), Prevention and Education Team Lead, University of Calgary, HIV Community Link, AB
Kinsey Beck, MPH, ON
Brian Bell, MSW, ON
Suzanne Biro, MPH, Foundational Standard Specialist, ON
Casandra Boon, ON
Hannah Brooks, MSc, AB
Alyssa Bunning, RN, Public Health Nurse, ON
Johy Carsley, MD, CM, MSc, FRCPC, Clinical Associate Professor, University of BC, BC
Pramita Chakraborty, On
Megan Charlish, Registered Dietitian, ON
Turin Chowdhury, MBBS, MS, PhD, AB
Debra Clarke, ON
Dawn Cole, RN, MPH, ON
Jocelyn Corradetti, MPH, Health Promoter, ON
Janet Cote, RegN DOH, CCOHN, Retired nurse, ON
Rawan Dallasheh, MPH, ON
Erica Diamond, RD, ON
Erica DiFranco, MPH(C), ON
RuthAnn Doyle, RN, Retired, On
Robin Dozet, Health Promotion Specialist, ON
Christine Edgar, ON
Victoria Edgar, ON
Sadaf Ekhlas, BSc, MPH(C), AB
Roy Fells, ON
Sharon Flack, On
Melanie Fournier, MPH, OLY, ON
Kaylee Gardiner, RN, ON
Sandra Gibson, ON
Judy Gleeson, RN, PhD, Associate Professor, AB
Diana Gresku, MPH, BC
Lucas Gursky, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Physician, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, AB
Phat Ha, Concerned Citizen, ON
Elena Hasheminejad, ON
Ray Heffernan, Voter, Photographer, On
Robbyn Hesch, MPH, Health Promoter, ON
Rachel Hicks, MPH, RD, ON
Matthew Hundert, MPH, ON
Vivian Hung, MPH, ON
Timothy Hutchinson, MSW, MPA, Community Board Member (former), Ottawa Public Health, ON
Ian Johnson, ON
Shelby Johnson, HonsBSc, MSc(C), AB
Sandy Kalabalikis, Public Health Educator, ON
Shahin Kassam, RN, BN, MN, PhD(C), BC
George Kelly, ON
Arshnoor Khoja, ON
Shanique Killingbeck, AB
Melissa Kimber, PhD, MSW, RSW, Assistant Professor, ON
Mykhaylo Kosykh, RN, Registered Nurse, On
Daphne Kowalczyk, BC
Salme Lavigne, PhD, Researcher and Journal Editor, BC
Randy Leighton, ON
Megan Loftus, ON
Julie Lowry, ON
Annie Lukacsovics, BSc, MPH, Public Health Professional, ON
Lindsay MacDonald, Tobacco Reduction Coordinator, BC
Alexa Macdonald, BSc, MSc, MPH(C), ON
Carol MacDougall, RN, BScN, MA, ON
Luisa Magalhaes, ON
Justine Mallah, MA, NBPSDHU, ON
Jenny Martin, ON
Bernard Mayer, ON
Courtney McAskile, MPH, RD, ON
Tamara McCabe, ON
Kelsea McCready, HonsBSc(C), McMaster University Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour, ON
Heather McCully, ON
Lisa McLaughlin, BA, MPH(C), Program Manager, AB
Kenneth McRitchie, ON
Nadine Miranda, ON
Jeff Moco, Healthy Promoter, ON
Zahra Dorna Mojdami, HBSc, DDS, PhD(C), Dentist, University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, ON
Rachel Moon Kelly, ON
Sharon Munn, MPH(C), MEd, BSc, Bed, ON
Denise Ng, ON
Jessica Nichol, RN, Public Health Nurse, ON
Morten Nielsen, PhD, BC
Isaac Ntahobakulira, Concierge, QC
Kristin Olive, Health Promoter, ON
Frances Olive, retired public school teacher, ON
Alexandra Orlando, University of Waterloo, ON
Steven Patterson, DDS, MPH, Professor, University of Alberta, AB
Lauren Ramsay, On
Jen Renaud, ON
Andrea Richard, Administrator on behalf of Board of Directors, Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry (CAPHD), ON
Sylvia Robinson, MPH, BC
Alie Ross, MPH, BN, RN, Registered Nurse, NB
Alison Rothwell, MPH, Epidemiologist, On
Jessica Round, AB
Teema Saliba, ON
Michael Schonberger, ON
Mike Secord, ON
Ayaaz Sheraly, ON
Aly Shivji, ON
Doug Sider, MD, MSc, Public health physician (retired), ON
Anna Skrynnyk, ON
Judy Slaughter, ON
Leanne Smith, RKin, MSc, ON
Sherryl Smith, BNSc, ON
Paula Smith, BSc, MSW, Research and Policy Analyst, Peel Public Health, ON
Kieran Steer, AB
Subha Szabla, PhD, Health Research Consultant, Atmoco Ltd, ON
Paul Taylor, Executive Director, FoodShare Toronto, ON
Ginette Thomas, ON
Lara Timler, BA, BEd, RDH, Registered Dental Hygienist, ON
Helen Tindale, RN, ON
Anita Trusler, MPH, ON
Dana Tschritter, MSc Epidemiology student, University of Alberta, ON
Krista Urchenko, MPH(C), BSc, MLT, Medical Laboratory Technologist, ON
Sameena Vadivelu, ON
Sukhi Virdi, CPHI(C), Public Health Inspector, ON
Dawn Wansborough, RD, ON
Emily Webb, RN, PHN, ON
Jason Weppler, ON
Steve Wilcox, PhD, Assistant Professor, ON
Eric Young, MD, BSc, MHSc, CCFP, FRCPC, ON
Leanne Zubowski, MPH, ON

Signatures added May 9

Laura Abbasi, RD, Registered Dietitian, ON
Magda Aguiar, Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC, BC
Alysha Ahmed, MSc, MD(C), ON
Jenna Armitage, PHI, ON
Mersedeh Ashouri, RDH, Dental Hygienist, ON
Susanne Bennett, Administrative Clerk Secretary, ON
Katie Berube, ON
Manika Bhandari, HBSc, MPH(C), McMaster University, ON
Tracey Borland, Research Officer, ON
Kathryn Brown, ON
Melissa Cardinal, RD, Public Health Dietitian, ON
Kathleen Chiasson, ON
Joanne Clark, ON
Jodi Cole, BA, MEd, retired from nursing, ON
Kirsten Eldridge, MPH, ON
Margery Forgay, Past President, Canadian Dental Hygienists’ Association, Professor Emerita University of Manitoba, BC
Ellie Fraser, BAS, MPH(C), ON
Victor Gallant, MA, Epidemiologist, ON
Sarah Gill, MSc, Health Promotion Specialist, ON
Crystal Gong, MSc, ON
Andrea Harbin, Dental Assistant/Educator, Perth District Health Unit, ON
Leila Harrison, MPH, Research assistant, McMaster University, ON
Fahim Hassan, PhD Student in Public Health, AB
Holly Heard-Lucas, Dental Hygienist, Co-Chair Oxford Oral Health Access Committee, retired, Retired Public Health Hygienist ( community volunteer), ON
Kathryn Johnson, ON
Courtney-Brooke Laurie, RD, Public Health Dietitian, ON
Deborah Lay, BSc, Msc, RD, Ontario Dietitians in Public Health, ON
Kristen Lindop, Phlebotomist, ON
Michael Lindop, ON
Lori Lucas, ON
Clare Mak, RN, MPH, ON
Lynda McKeown, RDH, HBA, MA, Dental Hygienist, ON
Sheri McKinstry, BSc, BSc(Dent), MPH, DMD, MB
Rachel Morgan, MPH, RD, ON
Cathy Nicol, ON
Alexandra Piatkowski, Epidemiologist, ON
Christine Post, Health Promoter, ON
Diane Runions, RN, Program manager, ON
Tina A Russo, ON
Jennifer Scott, RN, ON
Dennis Scott, Construction Manager, ON
Jennine Seaman, MHSc, RD, Registered Dietitian, ON
Lina Sherazy, ON
Sharron Smith, RN, ECE (RETIRED), Health Educator (retired), Humber College, Peel District School Board, ON
Nicole Strangway, BScN, RN, PHN, ON
Mark Sutherland, RN, BC
Jan Tomlinson, RN, BScN, BA CCHN(C), Public Health Nurse, ON
Marie Traynor, MSc, RD, ON
Emily Tsoa, Credentialed Evaluator, Program Evaluator, ON
Connie VanBellinghen, RD, ON
Theresa Warren, BSc, BTech(EH), CPHI(C), Public Health Inspector, ON
Krista Worsley, RN, PHN, ON

Signatures added May 10

Mary Jane Ashley, MD, MSc, FRCP(C), Professor Emerita, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, ON
Adrienne Baltadjian, RD, MHSc, ON
Sonia Bertrim, BSc(Hon), ON
Charlene Beynon, MScN, On
Nicole Blackman, DNP, MN, RN, ON
Renee Charbonneau Smith, RN, MSc(N), Public Health Nurse, ON
Jolene Chiu, RN, Public Health Nurse, ON
Kaitlyn Comeau, RD, ON
Amanda Fisher, BScN, RN, PHN, ON
Victoria Gough, RN, ON
Jennifer Graham, BMSc, MPH, Health Promoter, ON
Rosamund Harrison, DMD, MSc. MRCD(C), OBC, Professor Emerita, Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia, BC
Sandi Hughes, Public Health Nurse, ON
Lynn Hyatt, ON
Karolyn LaCroix, ON
Sasha Lemberg-Pelly, MPH(C), University of Toronto/Sinai Health System, ON
Emily Leney, BScN, RN, Public Health Nurse, Durham Region Public Health, ON
Kevin Lien, MPH, AB
Lindsay MacKenzie, RN, ON
Cathy Macpherson, RD, Registered Dietitian, ON
Sharon Mytka, BScN, MEd, Retired, ON
Ruth O'Donnell, BA, BScN, MHSc, Retired, OPHA, CPHA, ON
Diana Perry, ON
Kaylee Rockett, RN, Public Health Nurse, ON
Stephanie Rubino, ON
Denise Sampson, RN, ON
Sathuja Sivalogarajah, MHE, Program coordinator, ON
Iyla So, MPH Food Safety, AB
Chelsey Van Gaver, RN, ON
Jacob Watters, Digital Communications, ON
Matthew Way, RN, BScN, ON
Tara Wheeler, RN, ON
Elaine Williams, RN, BScN, MEd, Nurse Educator Well Child & School Health Services, Public Health, Alberta Health Services, Calgary zone, AB
Kate Peiyin Zhang, MD, Resident Physician, St Michael's Hospital, ON

Signatures added May 11-13

Heather Chieffo, RN, BN, PHN, Public Health Nurse, United Nurses of Alberta, AB
Ann Daniels, BSc, BN, MSc, CID, DIP, LSHTM, RN, CNO, ON
Regina Elliott, RN, MN, Nursing Manager, ON
Katherine English, MPH, RD, Registered Dietitian, BC
Emilie Ford, Masters of Public Health, MB
Vicky MacTavish, BASc, CPHI(C), Public Health Inspector, ON
Lynn Martin, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Health Sciences, Lakehead University, ON
Mary June Peacock, RN,BA,BScN,MN, Public Health Nurse, ON
Rebecca Schiff, PhD, Associate Professor and Acting Chair, Department of Health Sciences Lakehead University, ON
Susan Tam, RN, BScN, MScN, CCHN(C), ON

Signatures added May 14

Waleed Altamimi, ON
Matt Hutter, ON
Chad Klassen, DDS, Dentist, NL
Jennifer Rogers, Engineer, ON
Agnes Tynski, RN, BScN, Public Healthy Nurse, ON
Katie Voorberg, RN, PHN, ON
David Zakus, PhD, Professor (Adjunct) and Publisher/Editor, University of Toronto/Planetary Health Weekly, ON

Signatures added May 15-19

Sonja Babovic, MD, Resident Doctor, Family Medicine, ON
Catherine Burke, RECE, Registered Early Childhood Educator, ON
Gordon J.E. Burke, Electrical Contractor, ON
Gregory Cohen, PGY-5, Psychiatry Resident, University of Toronto, ON
Ian Conway, ON
Laura Dias, RD, Public Health Dietitian, ON
Elizabeth Eisenhauer, OC MD FRCPC FRSC, ON
Jonathan Fike, Retired, Unifor 504, ON
Heather Glen, RN, BScN, Public Health Nurse, ON
Julie Gross, RN, ON
Heather Hanwell, PhD, MSc, MPH(C), University of Toronto, ON
Maricon Hidalgo, MSc, AB
Antu Hossain, MPH, ON
Danielle Kain, MA, MD, CCFP(PC), ON
Lori Kiefer, MD, physician, ON
Anita Lathia, MD, Family Physician, ON
Gord Launchbury, C.I.M. Pmgr, Chaplain, ON
Ella Manowiec, On
William McIlwain, On
Carmen Lia Murall, Infectious Disease specialist, ON
Kaitlin Patterson, RN, ON
Marie Robertson, Retired Emergency Clerk, ON
Jessica Wood, RN, BScN, Public Health Nurse, Lambton Public Health, ON
Sharon Yanicki, PhD, AB