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Exhibit Terms and Conditions

Les termes et conditions de l'exposition sont uniquement disponibles en anglais.


The term “Exhibit Management”, as used herein, refers to the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA), its employees and agents. The enforcement and interpretation of the following rules and regulations are the sole responsibility of Exhibit Management. 

The term ‘Exhibitor’ refers to the company/organization whose name is entered on the Exhibit Portal as the ‘Organization’ when reserving an exhibit booth. 

The term ‘Conference’ refers to the 2024 Canadian Immunization Exhibit Hall, scheduled for 26-28 November 2024 at the Shaw Centre, 55 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario.  


Exhibit Management reserves the right to the following: 

  • Appoint Exhibit Services Contractors that are exclusive to the Shaw Centre. All Exhibits are subject to the approval of Exhibit Management and the Exhibit Services Contractor. 
  • Decline or prohibit any exhibit or portion thereof. 
  • Terminate this agreement if an Exhibitor is in break of any of the conditions outlined in this agreement.
  • Interpret and/or amend, delete or add to these rules and regulations when it is in the best interest of the Conference. Exhibitors will be notified if these Terms are updated. 


This Agreement covers the Conference dates: 

  • Move-in: Monday 25 November             
  • Exhibit Hours: Tuesday 26 November & Wednesday 27 November
  • Dismantle: Wednesday 27 November

The application for exhibit space, when completed by Exhibitor constitutes a valid contract with Exhibit Management. The Exhibitor agrees to observe all union contracts and labour laws of the jurisdiction in which the Shaw Centre building is located and observe the provisions of the provincial Human Rights Code and the Labour Standards Act. 

If payment is not received within the prescribed time limit, the contract may be considered null and void at the discretion of Exhibit Management. Should any space remain unoccupied at the beginning of the Conference, Exhibit Management reserves the right to use it for any other purpose, including rental to another organization.


Only approved Exhibitors have the right to promote goods or services in the Exhibit Hall. All products/services displayed by Exhibitors are subject to approval by Exhibit Management and must meet Innovative Medicines Canada guidelines. If product/services do not conform, Exhibit Management can ask an Exhibitor to immediately remove any products/services from the Exhibit Hall. 

Exhibit Management reserves the rights to refuse admission to any person who, in the opinion of Exhibit Management, is unfit, intoxicated, or in any way creating a disruption of the Conference


Exhibit Management assumes no liability for damages or losses arising out of acts of omission of Exhibitors or their employees for failure to comply with the provisions of this Agreement.

Upon approval to be an Exhibitor at the Conference, the Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the employees and representatives from CPHA, the Shaw Centre and the Exhibit Services Contractor for: 

  • Injury, loss or damage that may occur to the Exhibitor, or the Exhibitor’s employees or property due to fire, robbery, accidents;
  • Complaints, suits or liabilities resulting from negligence of the Exhibitor in connection with the Exhibitors use of exhibit space; or
  • Loss, damage or theft of goods, exhibits, or other materials owned, rented or leased by the Exhibitor.  
  • From any cause whatsoever prior, during or subsequent to the period covered by the Agreement. 

Exhibitors are liable for all damage caused by them to the exhibit facility, booth equipment or to other Exhibitors’ property and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the employees and representatives from CPHA, the Shaw Centre and the Exhibit Services Contractor. 


Requests for cancellations received by e-mail on or before midnight (ET) on Friday 27 September 2024 will be granted a full refund of exhibit fees paid, less an administrative fee of $300. No cancellations will be granted after Friday 27 September 2024.

Force Majeure 

In case the exhibit space contracted for shall not be available for the uses herein specified due to war, acts of international or domestic terrorism, government action or order, acts of God, fire, strikes, labour disputes, or any other cause beyond the control of Exhibit Management, this Agreement shall immediately terminate and, in such event, the Exhibitor shall and does hereby waive any claims to damages or any other recovery therefore except the return of the amounts paid as rental for the exhibit space, less the prorated share allocable to the exhibit of the actual expenses incurred by Exhibit Management in connection with the Exhibition. Should Exhibit Management, in its sole discretion, consider it inadvisable to hold the Exhibition at the time and place herein provided, Exhibit Management may, at its’ option, terminate this Agreement and return the sums paid by the Exhibitor for the exhibit space, and there shall be no further liability on the part of either party to the other. Upon written notice to the Exhibitor, Exhibit Management shall also have the right to change the date and the place where the Exhibition is to be held. 


Exhibit Booths are assigned at the discretion of the Exhibit Management. The Exhibitor shall not assign nor sublet any part of its exhibit space without the written consent of Exhibit Management. 

Exhibit Management reserves the right to appoint Exhibit Services Contractors that are exclusive providers to the Shaw Centre. The Exhibit Services Contractor will provide back drape (8’ high), side drape (3’ high), one (1) table, two (2) chairs, a wastepaper basket and electrical service. 

The Exhibitor agrees to abide by the rules and regulations determined by the Exhibit Services Contractor and outlined in the Exhibitor Manual. 


The dates and hours for installation, exhibit networking, and dismantle are specified by Exhibit Management. The Exhibitor agrees that no display may be abandoned, dismantled or goods removed during the exhibition hours. 

Exhibit Management will ensure that aisles are swept and cleaned, but Exhibitors must keep their exhibit space cleaned and in good order throughout the Conference. Exhibits must be confined to the exact space allocated and not obstruct the visibility of other exhibits. No exhibit will be permitted to interfere with the exhibits of another. 

All signs must be within the booth area and must be freestanding, or attached to the back wall of the display. Signage cannot be hung over the aisles or side rails. Sign making services are available through the Official Exhibit Services Contractor. Adhesive-backed promotional materials are not permitted. Exhibitors will be charged for removal of this material from the walls and floors of the building.

Exhibitor interviews, demonstrations, distribution of literature, supplies, souvenirs, etc., must occur inside the assigned booth unless otherwise approved by Exhibit Management.  

The preparation and/or serving of food or beverages of any kind, without the written permission of Exhibit Management and the facility, is prohibited. 

Installation – Monday 25 November

If Exhibitor’s materials do not arrive in time for display during the entire period of the Exhibition, or any portion thereof, Exhibit Management assumes no liability for damages or losses to the Exhibitor and is under no obligation to refund the Exhibitor’s fees.

All display materials, including pre-fabricated booths must be pre-fitted and ready for installation prior to shipment to the building. Exhibitors may set up their own exhibits, using their own employees or contractors and are responsible for all damages, caused by such personnel and/or equipment. If Exhibitors use a contractor other than the official Exhibit Services Contractor, they must be prepared to provide Exhibit Management with proof of liability insurance.  

Exhibitors requiring additional assistance in the movement and set-up of their display must use the services of the Official Exhibit Services Contractor. If you require any drayage services, you will need to work with the Exhibit Services Contractor. Goods received after the opening of the exhibition must be delivered to the booth.

All Exhibitors must meet the electrical requirements and comply with the fire regulations of the Ottawa Fire Services and the Shaw Centre. Only fireproof materials (including all decoration, draperies and/or fabrics) may be used in displays and wiring must conform to CSA specifications. Fire exits and aisles must be kept clear at all times. The Exhibitor assumes full responsibility for ensuring that exhibits meet these standards.

Audio-visual equipment, as part of a display, is acceptable; however, sound equipment must be regulated so as not to disturb neighbouring Exhibitors. Exhibit Management reserves the right to determine when sound levels from audio equipment constitute interference with others or become unacceptable. In such cases, sound levels will be reduced or the equipment will be removed at the Exhibitor’s expense.

Exhibit Management may restrict any Exhibits due to safety hazards or interfere with the Conference, adjacent exhibits or other activities. No representation of the Exhibitor, products or services may be carried in the aisles, corridors, feature areas or other areas of the facility

Dismantle – Wednesday 27 November

Exhibitors will not dismantle their booth earlier than 15:30 on Wednesday 27 November. All material must be removed from the Exhibit Hall by 17:00 and Exhibitors are responsible to arrange remove of all exhibit and/or materials. Arrangements to remove exhibit and/or materials is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitors. All storage and handling charges for failure to remove exhibit and/or materials by that time shall be the financial responsibility of the Exhibitor. 

Exhibit Management reserves the right to remove any exhibit, any excess garbage, materials, packaging, etc., which is not removed by the conclusion of the exhibition and charge the expense to the Exhibitor. 


The agreement entitles the Exhibiting organization to provide two (2) persons per booth space to staff the exhibit booth. Additional representatives may register at the exhibitor rate regular participant rate of $400. Exhibitor badges will be supplied and Exhibit Personnel must wear these at all times while in the Conference. 

CPHA supports the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada accreditation standards for interactions with industry. To ensure the conference is free from commercial influence, industry sponsor designated staff are not permitted to attend educational sessions.

Sponsor staff designated to attend the conference, are prohibited from soliciting participants directly. All interactions with Sponsors and Exhibitors by participants must be voluntary during the dedicated networking hours. 


Customary descriptive product literature, note pads, pens, and pencils may be distributed from your exhibit; however, any give-away must be acceptable under the Innovative Medicines Canada guidelines.  Exhibit Management reserve the right to have a give-away removed from the exhibit area should the give-away not be useful to and/or in keeping with the professional activities of the participants. 

Contests, lotteries, raffles and games of chance are strictly prohibited. 


Exhibit Management will provide the necessary security for the Exhibit Hall during move-in/move-out and the hours. Exhibit Management will take reasonable precautions to safeguard Exhibitors’ property when the exhibition is closed. Event Management recommends that each Exhibitor purchase a rider on the Exhibitor’s own insurance policy protecting them against damage incurred in the Exhibit Hall. 


Exhibitor agrees provide to Exhibit Management upon request, a certificate of insurance showing that there is in effect a policy of a minimum of $2 million combined single limit bodily injury and broad form property damage liability coverage, including broad form contractual liability, in which the Exhibitor and Event Management (CPHA) are named as additional insures. Exhibitor agrees to obtain and maintain in effect throughout the Conference workers compensation and employer’s liability insurance as are required by law or are otherwise consistent with prudent business practice.