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Canadian Public Health Association

Safer and healthier foods

Public health professionals have been working for 100 years to ensure Canadians have access to safer and healthier foods. Safer food, water and milk were one of the earliest goals. Understanding the links between nutrition and health has increased dramatically over the past 100 years. Today, we continue to strive for healthy, affordable food for everyone in Canada.

Healthier Foods

Many of the diseases that were thought to be contagious 100 years ago are now known to be caused by malnutrition. It wasn't until 1916 that scientists discovered vitamins in food.

Canada's Food Guide
Helping Canadians make wise food choices

Food labelling
Take a look at the label

Vitamins and minerals
The history and science of food fortification

Think outside the (lunch) box!
Helping your child eat well at school

Food Insecurity
Healthy food out of reach for some

Dietitians of Canada

Safer Foods

Canada enjoys one of the safest food supply systems in the world but 100 years ago, public health was threatened by contaminated food, water and milk causing typhoid fever, tuberculosis, botulism, and other foodborne illnesses.

Who is responsible for food safety in Canada?
Food monitoring and inspection

Food safety in the home
Safe handling practices (clean, chill, separate, cook)

Foodborne illnesses
What causes food poisoning?