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Canadian Public Health Association


We invite submissions that facilitate the exchange and dissemination of innovative public health research, policies and practices. Our goal is to present an integrated scientific program that encourages delegates and presenters to connect, share and learn from each other.

As part of the online submission process, you will be asked to identify a minimum of one (1) up to a maximum of three (3) keywords that best relate to the content of your submission. You may enter one (1) alternate keyword.

1. Advocacy

2. Anti-racism and anti-oppression

3. Child and adolescent health

4. Communicable diseases

5. Eco-social perspectives/Planetary health

6. Environmental and occupational health

7. Epidemiology, surveillance and biostatistics

8. Food security

9. Global health

10. Health equity

11. Health promotion

12. Health protection

13. Healthy systems

14. Healthy aging

15. Healthy communities

16. Immigrant and refugee health

17. Indigenous health

18. Information management and analysis

19. Injury and violence prevention

20. Knowledge translation and exchange methodology 

21. Mental health

22. Noncommunicable diseases

23. Partnerships and collaboration

24. Pedagogy

25. Physical activity

26. Policy development, implementation or analysis

27. Program planning and evaluation

28. Reproductive and maternal health

29. Risk assessment

30. Rural, remote and Northern health 

31. Sexuality and sexual health 

32. Social determinants of health

33. Substance use and harm reduction

34. Systems approach