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Présentations de résumés oraux

Jeudi 31 mai

Les séances seront présentées dans la langue de leur titre.

SÉance 1

12 h 30 à 13 h 30

  • Clearing the Air: Exploring the Contestations in the Public Health Debate about the Harms and Benefits of E-Cigarettes – Marjorie Macdonald
  • Challenges in Regulating Tobacco Products Under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control - Lorraine Manlangit
  • Potential Population Health Benefits of Nicotine Standard for Tobacco Products - Mathew Cook
  • The Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey ( CSTADS ): a tool for surveillance and research - Audra Thompson-Haile


12 h 30 à 13 h 30

  • Trends in use of electronic cigarettes among secondary school students in Quebec - Annie Montreuil
  • Smoking Cessation Among Young Adult E-cigarette Users in Canada: Secondary Analysis of Data from a Randomized Controlled Trial - Bruce Baskerville
  • Oh the products you’ll try: Examining tobacco & nicotine product transitions among a sample of Ontario secondary school students - Adam Cole
  • The potential of e-cigarettes as a Smoking-Cessation Tool for adolescents - Aki Nilanga Bandara


13 h 50 à 14 h 50

  • The 2008 Alberta Tobacco Reduction Act is associated with reduction in secondhand smoke exposure among non-smokers: results from Alberta’s Tomorrow Project cohort - Tiffany Haig
  • Toronto's Hookah Bylaw Development: Challenges and Considerations - Loren Vanderlinden
  • A Critical Examination of How Quebec’s Tobacco Control Legislation Might Impact Smoking Inequities - Josée Lapalme
  • 100% Smoke-Free University Campuses: Time for Action - Rob Cunningham


13 h 50 à 14 h 50

  • Evaluation of an incentive program for hospital-based patients who smoke: Lessons learned, benefits, and challenges - Shireen Noble
  • A thematic analysis of Canadian public opinions on plain and standardized packaging of tobacco products - Harsha Kasi Vishwanathan
  • Global gaps in smokers’ knowledge of cardiovascular harms from smoking and secondhand smoke: Findings from the ITC Project - Genevieve Sansone
  • Walk or Run to Quit: Supporting smoking cessation through increased physical activity - Katina Kominos


15 h 15 à 16 h 15

  • Promoting Tobacco-Wise Messaging to Reduce Commercial Tobacco Usage in First Nations, Inuit and Métis Communities: The Aboriginal Tobacco Program - Robyn Leonard
  • Exploring Indigenous Experiences of Smoking and the Implications for Tobacco Control - Maryan Shahzad
  • Smoking Cessation for Persons Living with Mental Illnesses and/or Addictions: Leveraging Leading Practices and Closing Gaps in Canada - Caitlyn Timmings
  • Sex, gender and tobacco: a systematic literature review on gender-informed tobacco prevention, cessation and harm reduction interventions - Natalie Hemsing


15 h 15 à 16 h 15

  • Leaving a Mark in/on the Big Smoke - Toronto Public Health's Investment in Youth Engagement Initiative - Shawna Ardley
  • "Revealing the Truth" and other lessons learned from PEI's development of a tobacco media awareness resource for teachers - Melissa Munro-Bernard
  • Reducing Teen Tobacco Use: Success from UPRISE. A Campaign for Alternative Teens - Tyler Janzen
  • A qualitative study of tobacco interventions for LGBTQ2S+ youth and young adults: Overarching themes and key learnings - Bruce Baskerville