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Canadian Public Health Association

Concurrent Sessions 4

Wednesday 1 May - 10:45 - 12:15

Subject to change.


The Policy Forum in an opportunity for participants to have direct influence on CPHA’s policy initiatives. During this session, participants will be asked to provide comments on proposals currently under development. The results of the discussions will be used to adjust the proposals to better reflect participants’ concerns before review and approval by CPHA’s Board. Those who attend will receive written summaries of these subjects prior to Public Health 2019. The session will wrap up with a Rapid-Fire Policy Round, where participants will be given 30 seconds each to present one issue of particular interest to them.

What is measured matters: Developing strengths-based, culturally relevant Indigenous wellness indicators

Presented by: Canadian Institute for Health Information

Answering the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Call to Action #19 calls for the establishment of measurable goals to identify and close the gaps in health outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, and to publish annual progress reports and assess long-term trends.

Indigenous concepts of wellness are distinct from western notions of wellness, and are unique to each Indigenous community’s respective worldview. Strengths-based wellness indicators that positively reflect Indigenous values, culture, and aspirations, and that are developed and monitored with and/or by the community itself best support Indigenous communities to measure what is important to them.

Relevant and useful health information enhances Indigenous communities’ ability to tell their own narrative of wellness, and to be able to direct programs and services specifically to their communities’ needs and priorities. 

How do we, as Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, support and answer this call to action? Let’s learn together from our unique panelists who have experience and different perspectives on strengths-based wellness indicators.  

Oral Presentations

Details to follow.