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Cannabis Resources for Providers – Beyond Cannabasics

In 2018, CPHA released Cannabasics, a series of fact sheets for health and social service providers in response to cannabis legalization. The Beyond Cannabasics workshop was developed in 2020 to expand on the concepts outlined in Cannabasics within the context of specific age groups. The turnkey workshop resources, including a facilitation manual, a participant workbook and the presentation slides, can help you facilitate a training session in your community.

To access the resources to help you facilitate a training session in your community, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Beyond Cannabasics: A public health approach to cannabis for youth, emerging adults, and seniors

During this workshop, intended for frontline health and social service providers, participants will build on their knowledge acquired through Cannabasics to enhance their capacity to implement a public health approach to cannabis for youth, emerging adults, and seniors. Participants will learn about consumption patterns across these populations, a person’s spheres of influence related to cannabis, and relative harms and individualized harm reduction approaches for these age groups.  This workshop will provide an opportunity for reflection and dialogue in a supportive environment, to share approaches to public health practice while encouraging collaboration and networking.

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