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Alternative 10 steps for staying healthy

  1. Don't be poor. If you can, stop. If you can't, try not to be poor for long.
  2. Don't have poor parents
  3. Own a car.
  4. Empty pockets!Don't work in a stressful, low paid manual job.
  5. Don't live in damp, low quality housing.
  6. Be able to afford to go on a foreign holiday and sunbathe.
  7. Practice not losing your job and don't become unemployed.
  8. Take up all benefits you are entitled to, if you are unemployed, retired or sick or disabled.
  9. Don't live next to a busy major road or near a polluting factory.
  10. Learn how to fill in the complex housing benefit application forms before you become homeless and destitute.

Source: Raphael and Rieder, Community Action for Heart Health: Equity not Exercise

Poor housing