Stories From the Front Line

Wellspring’s Money Matters Program: Helping Cancer Patients Navigate the Hidden Financial Challenges

the story of Wellspring’s Money Matters Program

“How can you focus on your cancer diagnosis when you are worrying about money?” asks Pamela Bowes, the manager of program development at Wellspring Cancer Support Network.


Mobile good food market brings healthy choices to neighborhoods in ‘food deserts’

the story of the Toronto mobile good food market

It’s a familiar sight nowadays: a truck loaded with a variety of cooked food, hawking its wares around Toronto. One food truck, however, is completely different. Instead of offering the usual fare, the Toronto FoodShare Truck is a veritable farmer’s market laden with fresh fruits and vegetables available for reasonable prices.

Portrait des communautés (Outaouais region, Quebec)

the story of the Outaouais Community

In an effort to better understand the needs, characteristics and potential for development of their community in the Outaouais region of Québec, several like-minded organizations came together ...

Serving Refugee Populations – Toronto Roma Community (Ontario)

the story of the Toronto Roma Community

As a refugee population, the Roma community has experienced a centuries-long history of discrimination, harassment, and disenfranchisement from governments and the public. ...

Ottawa Public Health - Health Literacy Training (Ontario)

the story of Health Literacy Training in Ottawa

How do you help Canada’s newcomers navigate the healthcare system, while they are struggling with all the other challenges that come with relocating to a new country? ...

Community Connect Training Program: Bridging the gaps for seniors (Ottawa, Ontario)

the story of the Community Connect Training Program

The Community Connect team recognizes that senior citizens want to be independent and self-sufficient for as long as possible and enables them to achieve those goals ...

Isolation = poor health: Kwadacha First Nations turns that equation around (B.C.)

the story of Kwadacha

Before, there was a crisis response approach based simply on the fact that access to services was very limited. Teeth would decay severely before they were addressed ...

Tsay Keh Dene: A remote but resilient community (B.C.)

the story of Tsay Keh Dene

There are unique needs in isolated communities, the cultural norms are different, and historically program and service decisions are made sometimes without community involvement ...

Bécik Jaune (Lanaudière, Quebec)

the story of Bécik Jaune

Who knew a fleet of bright yellow bicycles could tackle issues like chronic disease, obesity, poverty, education, and the environment?

Homeless at Risk Prenatal (HARP) Program; Toronto, Ontario

the story of HARP

“I’ve always very firmly believed that people are equipped to look after themselves and sometimes they just need a little bit of support. We’re building on positives...”

Kaw Tay Whee School (Northwest Territories)

Kaw Tay Whee's story

Drop the Pop [started] because we know that there are no health benefits to consuming sugar-based beverages. There are no health benefits at all.

Gastown Vocational Services (Vancouver, B.C.)

Gastown’s story

It is already difficult to find work — it is even harder when you struggle every day with a mental health disability.

Wellesley Institute’s St. James Town Initiative; Toronto, Ontario

the story of St. James Town

St. James Town suffers from the “healthy immigrant effect.” Overall, newcomers have better health than the Canadian average. Several explanations exist for this...

Montérégie Réseau de la santé et des services sociaux (Québec)

Montérégie’s story

When we consider a municipality as an environment in and of itself, we can’t dissociate it from the health and quality of life of its citizens.

Ottawa Public Health (Ontario)

Ottawa’s story

In 2009-2010, approximately seven per cent of Ottawa residents reported that they worried about not having enough to eat, compromised the quality or variety of food eaten ...

PATH Project & PATH Network: Antigonish, NS

The story of PATH

Traditionally only health-centered organizations and governments used Health Impact Assessment tools. The People Assessing Their Health (PATH) Project sought to change this by opening up the process to members of the community.

Saskatoon Health Region (Saskatchewan)

Saskatoon’s story

For roughly 15 years, poverty has been an issue of concern for Saskatoon Health Region. In 2006, the Saskatoon Health Region released a study that found startling health disparities correlated to neighbourhood income levels in the city.

Sudbury & District Health Unit (Ontario)

Sudbury's storyThe Sudbury & District Health Unit (SDHU) is working to reduce social inequities in health by changing the health culture and practice to support health equity. Taking on an organizational approach, SDHU has implemented several initiatives to bring awareness to social inequities and health equity.