Pandemic Influenza



  • Infectious Disease Outbreaks, an online CME
    The Immunization and Respiratory Infections Division of the Public Health Agency of Canada in collaboration with the Canadian Public Health Association and Memorial University of Newfoundland are pleased to announce the launch of Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Tools and strategies for front-line clinicians, an online course resulting from the project Early Detection and Response Course for Health Professionals in Canada. The Infectious Disease Outbreaks course is aimed primarily at front-line clinicians, including family doctors, emergency physicians, paediatricians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and outpost nurses. It has also been accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the Fédération des médecins ominipraticiens du Québec, and has been endorsed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Public Health Network Council. The course assists in increasing Canada’s capacity to detect, report and contain emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases of public health significance and also meets national surveillance and laboratory requirements as well as international surveillance requirements.
  • Prevent, Prepare, Protect
    A pandemic influenza outbreak has the potential to overwhelm Canada’s healthcare system, disrupt the economy and contribute to social unease. Consistent messaging from a variety of credible sources, we believe, will assist in slowing the spread of the disease. CPHA is working with many partners to strengthen communications about pandemic influenza. Our goal is to educate and promote awareness of pandemic influenza within Canada by supporting and enhancing government initiatives.
    Final report (PDF: 5.4m), executive summary (PDF: 39k)
    Partner: Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Primary care readiness for a pandemic influenza
    Public health can play an important consultative/coordination role in supporting the development of “best practices” in the provision of primary care during a pandemic public health emergency. For this initiative, CPHA worked in partnership with the College of Family Physicians of Canada to develop two fact sheets to assist family physicians in the event of an influenza pandemic: Preparing for pandemic influenza: What family physicians should know and How to maintain your family practice during pandemic influenza. These fact sheets were evidence-informed through research, key informant interviews, surveys and a roundtable.