Literacy and Health



  • Expert Panel on Health Literacy
    CPHA assembled an expert panel to investigate the current state of health literacy in Canada and generate a report including recommendations on future research, policy and programming initiatives. The Panel’s report and related resources are available in the Health Literacy Portal.
  • Literacy and Health Research
    CPHA and the University of Toronto’s Centre for Health Promotion launched a three-year project in 2002 to develop a national program for literacy and health research, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and Canadian Institutes for Health. The Literacy and Health Research project helped to
    • stimulate research on adult literacy and health in Canada
    • increase research capacity in this area
    • promote cooperation between researchers and health practitioners
    • expand opportunities for sharing knowledge and applying research
    • develop the Second National Literacy and Health Conference
  • National Literacy and Health Program (NLHP)
    CPHA’s National Literacy and Health Program (NLHP) began in 1998 to promote awareness among health professionals of the links between literacy and health. The program focuses on health information in plain language and clear verbal communication between health professionals and the clients they serve.