Chronic Disease



  • Increasing the Skills of NGOs Working in Chronic Disease Prevention
    Public health practitioners working in local public health departments and regional health authorities across Canada participate in continuing education opportunities to strengthen their health surveillance skills and make better-informed public health decisions. In early 2005, CPHA worked with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to explore the possible role of PHAC in providing new training options for voluntary health sector staff to support them in their work. CPHA interviewed key informants from chronic disease prevention NGOs (managers and program staff) who would be potential participants in the training program. To request a copy of the report please contact CPHA.
  • Increasing Understanding of the Impact of Low Health Literacy on Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
    Health literacy is about people’s ability to find, understand and use health information to take care of their health and the health of their family. In March 2006, CPHA completed a literature review and key informant survey to better understand the impact of low health literacy on chronic disease prevention and control. The full project report and recommendations are now available, please contact Greg Penney for a copy. A plain language edition of the report was released in December 2006.
  • Informing a Systematic Review of Public Health Practice and Community Programs with Regards to Healthy Living and Chronic Diseases
    In collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), CPHA undertook a project designed to increase Canada’s understanding of its environment of practice related to healthy living and chronic disease, its risk factors and its determinants of health. Over 30 key informant interviews provided a wealth of information about public health practice in Canada designed to promote healthy living and prevent chronic disease. The results of the project were provided in the form of recommendations and were designed to help inform PHAC’s Observatory of Best Practices for chronic disease-related health promotion, prevention, early detection and management.
  • Public Health Practice in Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
    The public health community is becoming more aware of chronic disease prevention and management as a critical area to improve the health of Canadians. CPHA is undertaking a one-year project to build knowledge of public health practice in the area of chronic disease in Canada. The project aims to inform policy and program development of comprehensive approaches to chronic disease prevention and control.
    Partner: Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Strengthening Chronic Disease Prevention and Management: A Regional Pilot Project
    CPHA is undertaking a project to strengthen chronic disease prevention and management in Canada. Over the past year, CPHA has been working with a National Advisory Committee to identify critical success factors for chronic disease prevention and management. CPHA has conducted research and consulted with public health professionals across the country to gather information about current practices. There is a recognition of the need for policy-makers, planners and front-line service providers to work together to strengthen prevention across the health care system. However, decision-makers at the federal, provincial and regional levels do not have the information and tools necessary to support evidence-based policy and program development. CPHA is working to address this gap and has developed a draft tool for policy-makers and planners. In the coming year, the revised tool will be piloted in four regions across Canada. CPHA anticipates that this community-based experience will result in regional action plans, a revised, field-tested tool, and a summary report outlining lessons learned from applying this approach to chronic disease prevention.