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The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) is the national, independent, not-for-profit, voluntary association representing public health in Canada. CPHA’s members believe in universal and equitable access to the basic conditions which are necessary to achieve health for all Canadians.



  • Seven Modern Plagues and How We are Causing Them
    From Bird Flu to Mad Cow to West Nile Virus, dangerous emerging diseases may not be simple accidents of nature. According to veterinarian and journalist Mark Walters, humans are contributing to – if not overtly causing – some of the scariest epidemics of our time. By emitting carbon, feeding naturally herbivorous cows “recycled animal protein,” clear-cutting forests, and otherwise changing the environment, we are inviting disease. Through human stories and cutting-edge science, Walters explores the origins of our contemporary plagues – the first step to stopping them.

  • Public Health is a Return On Investment
    Investing in public health is the smart and right thing to do. CPHA in cooperation with the Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st Century and the Canadian Network of Public Health Associations produced a short video entitled Public Health: A Return on Investment. Use this bilingual video to advocate for making investments in public health a priority.
  • Frontline Health: Beyond Health Care
    CPHA has a long and recognized history of work on the social determinants of health. We are proud of this legacy and our hope is to create a discussion around the social determinants of health both within the public health community as well as with the public, as a means of moving the social determinants of health agenda forward with political leaders and decision-makers in other sectors.
  • New Member Benefits

    CPHA provides its members the opportunity to access cost savings on services from these well-known organizations.

    The list is constantly growing, so be sure to visit this page regularly for additional savings and benefits.
  • CPHA Position Statement on Alcohol
    The CPHA Position Statement on Alcohol seeks to mobilize multi-sectoral actions to reduce the burden of harms and costs associated with alcohol consumption in Canada.  This position statement alone will not effect change. We need the public health community, politicians, law enforcement personnel, provincial and municipal government officials and the cooperation of alcohol retailers and licensing agencies to join with us to instigate, influence and lead a comprehensive approach to alcohol harm reduction.
  • CPHA Position Statement on Tobacco Use in Canada
    On December 7, the CPHA Board approved a new position statement on tobacco and smoking. The Winnable Battle: Ending Tobacco Use in Canada is a forceful call to action for all who care about public health to commit to the steady reduction and ultimate eradication of tobacco use. It proposes the goal of a tobacco-free Canada by the year 2035 and calls on all levels of government, communities, public health practitioners and citizens to work aggressively to achieve the specific intermediate targets.