Call for submissions is now closed.
Submitters will be notified of the results the week of January 30.

CPHA is accepting submissions for presentations at Public Health 2017. Our goal is to present an integrated scientific program of research, policy and practice perspectives that encourages delegates and presenters to connect, share and learn from each other.

Public health has a broad understanding of the issues that are relevant to the health of individuals and communities. As such, public health researchers, policy-makers and practitioners represent an equally broad range of disciplines and subject matter expertise. Public Health 2017 provides the venue for the public health community and its allies to showcase their work in both domestic and global settings.

The Conference Steering Committee is particularly interested in receiving submissions that address the following:

  • Evidence-based public health practice that is solution oriented;
  • Methodology and practice of program evaluation;
  • Reflection and innovation on current research, policy and/or practice;
  • Technology;
  • Health equity; and
  • Social and ecological determinants of health.

As part of the submission process, you will be asked to select the conference track that best categorizes the content of your submission.

Review the Submission Guidelines prior to uploading your submission.

Abstract Submissions

The conference Scientific Committee invites abstracts for oral and poster presentations that showcase original contributions to the field of public health. This is a great opportunity to submit an abstract to present new insights on emerging public health issues. The conference Steering Committee developed a number of conference tracks that will be addressed throughout the conference and that are meant to stimulate the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Symposium Presentations

A Symposium is designed to be a focused session in which speakers present on a common public health theme, issue or question. The symposium chairperson briefly introduces the session providing an overview of the topic and panellists should present a variety of viewpoints so that the audience has the opportunity to hear multiple perspectives on an issue during the session.

Submissions should be designed to offer conference delegates the opportunity to interact with presenters and to gain clear ideas on how they can use the information learned in the session in their day-to-day research and public health setting.


Workshops are intended to be a dynamic format to enhance the skills of conference participants through a practical learning experience. The workshop will provide in-depth coverage on a particular topic and content should be presented without excessive use of PowerPoint or lecture style format. Presenters should have experience facilitating workshops to ensure that they are participatory in nature.

Submissions should clearly describe what skills delegates will learn during the session and emphasize opportunities for their participation throughout the session.