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Public Health 2016 is the meeting place for the public health community to connect, collaborate, innovate, inspire, share and learn. It is a gathering of leaders and change agents from public, private and voluntary organizations that contribute to health and wellness.

Public Health 2016 is the national public health forum where people come together to strengthen efforts to improve health and well-being, to share the latest research and information, to promote best practices and to advocate for public health issues and policies grounded in research.


Public Health 2016 is much more than its plenary and scientific sessions. It is a meeting place where long-time colleagues have the chance to reconnect and new connections are made. It is the largest annual public health gathering in Canada and a key knowledge exchange event.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is interested in improving the health and well-being of the entire population should be attending this conference. Public Health 2016 is the meeting place for a wide range of disciplines and sectors, at various career stages, all striving for a common goal. The conference may be of particular interest to: academics and researchers; students/trainees; policy-makers, administrators and managers; health promotion workers; front-line public health workers; media; people working in urban, rural, remote and small communities and anyone with an interest in public health.


Much of what determines health and well-being lies outside of the realm of health. We acknowledge, therefore, that we need to involve multiple partners and stakeholders from diverse sectors such as employment, education, and housing, to look at the root problems and discover new ways of preventing disparities in health status.

Effective collaborations are essential in public health and many innovative partnerships have been established or strengthened in the hallways and session rooms of our conference. Public Health 2016 is your opportunity to share research findings, to learn about best practices, and to network with future collaborators.

CPHA is pleased to host Public Health 2016 through a unique and effective collaboration with the:

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