The CPHA Assessment Toolkit for Bullying, Harassment and Peer Relations at School is a companion document to the Safe School Surveys and the CPHA Safe School Study Research Report. It has been designed for teachers, school administrators, and ministries of education to address some of the pressing needs identified in the Safe School Study. Developed in partnership with the Canadian Initiative for the Prevention of Bullying (National Crime Prevention Strategy), this free kit provides a standard way to measure the nature and prevalence of school peer relationship problems, standards for quality programs, and a common set of tools to assess the impact of school-based programs. From a public health perspective, it provides an overview of what works and what doesn’t, foundations for best practice standards, and outlines the core school components. CPHA’s toolkit includes tips for students, parents, teachers and administrators in the form of a handout and checklist that can be posted on the fridge at home, in the student’s desk and on the chalkboard at school.

This toolkit is the result of the collective efforts of researchers, educators, parents/guardians and youth. Their efforts have made a valuable contribution to Canadian research and the prevention of bullying and harassment. As you carry forward this work, we wish you success in your commitment to enhancing the lives of children in their homes, communities and schools.

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